Which Dimmer Pack Do I Purchase?

Important Buying Guide

Lighting Dimmer Packs have different types of "languages", or "protocol's". You MUST know the TYPE of Light Dimmer Pack that you need before you purchase a Dimmer Pack, or you light Dimmer Pack may not work with your "Controller" or "Light Board" or "Light Console"or "Lighting Control Computer Software".. Here is a brief description of 3 of the main types of Dimmer Packs, and the Languages they "speak".

1: DMX DIMMER PACKS: DMX Protocol is fast becoming the choice for Lighting Manufacturers and Users Alike. Most of the Newer Lighting Fixtures, LED Lighting Fixtures, DJ and Club Lights use DMX to communicate with the controller, but you may still need a conventional Dimmer Pack to control any of your "static" lights, such as LEKO's , Par Cans, Upstage and Downstage Theatrical Lighting, or many other types of lights. SOOOO,,, If you have a "newer" lighting controller, Console, OR Computer Lighting Software, the chances are that it is DMX. That Controller may control all of your Moving Heads, Scanners, etc, but if you want to use your "newer" controller with some of your static fixtures, you will need a DMX Dimmer Pack to run those lights.

2: ANALOG DIMMER PACKS: These are still being used with many of light boards / par can combinations all across the country, and if you have an analog controller you will need an Analog Dimmer Pack. Analog Dimmer Packs will NOT work with DMX Controllers, and DMX Dimmer Packs will NOT work with Analog controllers, so make sure that you know what you need BEFORE you purchase.

3: ARCHITECTURAL DIMMER PACKS: Architectural Dimmer Packs is a Category, more-so than a "type" of Dimmer Pack. Architectural Dimmer Packs are available in both DMX Protocol AND Analog Dimmer Packs. The Main Difference is that Architectural Dimmer Packs are mainly designed for either Permanent Install, or Industrial Use of some sort. An Example of an Architectural Dimmer pack would be a Hotel Ballroom. If you notice some of the "light Switches" in a Hotel Ballroom look like "normal" old light switches, but most of the time there is a series of Architectural Dimmer Packs being controlled by the "Switches" or "Wall Dimmers". This is because of the complexity and amount of lights needed to light up large rooms.

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