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The Staff at Stage and Theater Lighting has been selling and designing Theater - Theatre Lighting systems since 1981. We have been doing it from the days when all we had were Par Cans and Spot Lights. We have seen Lights go from regular old Par Cans and Leko's, to the High Tech Lights they have become today, and here on Stage and Theater Lighting, we have all of the big boys.

    Because we have been in the Lighting business so long, we have built trusting and valued relationships with many lighting dealers and manufacturers across the country. We are using the best of our Lighting relationships to bring you the absolute lowest price for the product anywhere to help your Theater or Stage Play get the best price on Lighting. Browse through the Lighting products listed in the link above. These are some hand-picked suggestions, but search the entire website if you don't see the Lighting Product that you are looking for in this section.

    Also, please feel free to go to our "Contact Us" page by clicking HERE, use the "MESSAGE" box and tell us what lights you are looking for, or if you have any lighting questions. We will be glad to email you back with our suggestions.

    Over the years, we have designed many lighting systems for the local Theaters in the area, and now we continue to help Theaters - Theatres all over the country find a quality Lighting System that meets their budget. We look forward to hearing from you and possibly doing business with you. Thanks for visiting our website and God Bless America.

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